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UTM WORLDWIDE - Training centres

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L 050


Hampstead Avenue
Bury St Edmonds

IP28 7AS Suffolk


Ultimate Training Munitions (UTM) will be demonstrating its products at Milipol, Doha in a shooting booth. UTM will be will showcasing a selection of from its 160 different weapon conversions and a variety of ammunition, presenting the wide selection of ammunition types and calibres available. This will include rifles, pistols, SMG's and belt-fed machine guns. 
UTM produce the most advanced, non-lethal training ammunition in existence. Safely converting firearms and using specialist training ammunition, UTM products allow military and law enforcement professionals to 'train as they fight’ for the most realistic, force-on-force training possible.
As well as being very accurate, UTM munitions are recognised by the US Military as having a 99.8% reliability rating. The Man Marking Round (MMR) is a training round which is shot from an end-users own weapon and enables military and law enforcement to conduct the most realistic training possible.
Trusted by militaries worldwide, UTM’s Man Marking Rounds are extremely accurate and ultra-reliable. UTM 5.56mm Man Marking Round - Chosen as the sole supplier for US Military for over 10 years and the first choice of most special-forces, military and law-enforcement organisations around the world.


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