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DE LA RUE - High-security operating systems

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J 064

Homeland Security

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De La Rue is a leading provider of sophisticated products and services that keep nations, their economies and their populations secure. At the forefront of identity management and security, De La Rue is a trusted partner of governments, central banks and commercial organisations around the globe. At this year’s Milipol, De La Rue will be showcasing DLR Identify™, a web based software solution for the secure management personalisation and storage of citizen identity data. Accurate and authentic data provides a solid and secure foundation for every citizen identity management solution; DLR Identify™ offers Governments the opportunity to securely use and manage citizen data, allowing for effective governance and a healthy, stable society. In addition, De La Rue will also be presenting their latest document and physical solutions, giving examples of cutting edge design and integration of new technologies and security features to counter specifically identified threats. www.delarue.com