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GLOCK - Small and medium calibre weapons

Stands :

G 064

Homeland Security

Gaston Glock Platz 1
2232 Deutsch-Wagram


GLOCK's remarkable knowledge and experience from their applications and processing of steel and polymer are used to design revolutionary products. Company GLOCK is one of the world’s leading manufacturer of semi-automatic handguns in several calibers and sizes. GLOCK Safe Action pistols are famous for their durability, reliability and accuracy. They are NATO approved and have already acquired a market share of approx. 65% with U.S. Law Enforcement. Several optional parts and accessories, as sights, extra magazines, holsters, Tactical lights and lasers etc provide a high level of adaptability to special requirements. GLOCK Training and Practice pistols are specially designed for the needs of official customers. GLOCK Field knives are available in two versions (with or without saw) and different colours. The lightweight, foldable GLOCK Field Spade with its durable polymer handle and steel blade is the first choice for outdoor equipment


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