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FUTURUM CONSULTANCY AND TRAINING - Consultancy, analysis and risk management

Stands :

L 056


71-75, Shelton Street
Covent Garden

WC2H 9JQ London


Futurum is a UK-based company which delivers high quality, professional and specialist consultancy and training services globally. Each of our consultants and associates are skilled and respected practitioners within their own fields, with many years’ experience working in the UK police, military, government and the National Crime Agency. We develop close working relationships with our clients based on trust, reliability and quality of service. We cover the following areas:
Public Sector: All aspect of surveillance (conventional and technical), source handling, covert elicitation, managing covert operations, social media and open source intelligence exploitation and analysis, Internet investigations to UK evidential standard, intelligence analysis including IBM 12 Analyst Notebook, criminal intelligence analysis, building confidence and reassurance policing, critical incident response, initial response to major incidents, investigative interviewing, investigation skills, intelligence for large public events, including sporting events.
Commercial Sector: Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) for companies sending employees into potentially hostile areas, covert elicitation and influencing skills - for personnel engaged in contract negotiations and/or sales, intelligence analysis including IBM 12 Analyst Notebook - for banks, insurance, petrochemical, pharmaceutical companies and any large organisations that has an intelligence / investigation team, social media and open source awareness - for companies who want to educate their personnel on the risks associated social media - i.e. corporate espionage, and counter espionage for commercial travellers. 
What are the benefits to your organisation? Futurum will work with you to develop bespoke, focused and specialised consultancy and training to meet your organisational requirements. You can expect to see a significantly enhanced capability, knowledge and skill base leading to better operational or organisational performance.


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